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December 12, 2007



Wow this child looks much older than 4. Looks to me like he has soul. Beautiful photos!


They are all so great! What a cute kid! My fave one is #9.


oh my goodness!!!

beautiful beautiful pictures
The Netherlands


Wow he's only 4? Looks like a real model already. Awesome job. I love how you get so many different looks from one session. Amazing photos, Audrey!


precious, precious!


Miss Audrey-
I love him.
your images are fabulous.
like the above said... I can see he has an old soul/beautiful.



Love all the different shirt changes, makes for some great pics! Bravo...Bravo:)

Nichol Krupp Photography

Hey Aud,

Beautiful Captures here! I love him! I need to bring my fam to Chicago for an Urban session with you. I think you would capture us well.


Prema Buck

Love his hair! Yep, he definitely looks older than four.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Totally has the model look down. What a handsome little guy. Great portraits, as usual.


Wow he's a hottie mama :)
Great shoot this must have been :)



Absolutly beautiful pictures and a charming boy!!!!


Any suggestions for photographing a two-year-old? I tried taking some pictures of my nephew but we couldn't get him to stand still even with a toy or candy.


My gosh, Audrey, I will NEVER, NeveR, NeVeR, grow tired looking at your pictures.


What a cutie. Love the photo in your new banner too.

I'm counting down the days until the june workshop-yippee.

Happy holidays to you and I wish you a wonderful new year too.


Wishing you and your family a very merry christmas.



WOW! Could he be ANY cuter?! You captured him beautifully... love the clothing choices too! :)

Oh- and I can't *not* comment that I dig the new image in this header, too. Have a merry christmas!

Heidi Sonboul

oh, what a cute little guy!


I love your shooting style and I can see everyone else does as well. I would love to visit your loft someday, the lighting is always perfect!Great shots.


Hi Audrey..
I miss ur work.. its been long time since u last update ur blog.. i'm far away from u... i'm from Malaysia and i open ur blog everyday.. how i wish i can join your workshop.. ur pics are always inspired me..
thanks for sharing :-)


I have been privelaged to come in contact with your photography blog!!! I didn't know that there were seriously SO many beautiful people in the world. I wish I was in Chicago to see if you could make me beautiful. Your talent is absolutely exsquisite! I am a hairdresser and just as people can learn to do hair I know that people can learn photography or another trade but there is something said for having a natural talent instilled in you!! My talent is to enjoy and relish in the beauty of those that have a talent for photography! To be able to capture the emotions that you do in the pictures. I wouldn't even need a caption with these to feel the emotions that come from your photography! I am addicted to it. If I was talented like you I would wallpaper my walls with pictures!! I love to be able to see the world through the eyes of somebody else. It gives the world such an amazing perspective! I love how you capture what would be lost and not noticed on an every day basis!! If I get enough money I would LOVE to fly to Chicago and have you photograph my 7yr old someday. I would be honored! Your talent is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!


Love your work! You are such an inspiration! Happy New Year.

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