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November 30, 2007



wow these are so beautiful and really fun. What a strong women she is, to have three kids and alone wow! I have three kids but at least I do have a hubby around a couple days a week to help me out around his job!

You gave her something that she can cherish and enjoy for now on!


These photos are gorgeous, what a beautiful family!
I am so in love with your work Audrey.

Emily DeWan

Gorgeous! I love the kids climbing on their nanny.


audrey, I just spent a while catching up on your blog and everything is stunning as always. how great that you got these pics of the kids with their soon-to-depart nanny - I'm sure they will all treasure them!

by the way, we were floored to see our little C on the home page of your website. thank you for the honor! :)


the 4th one (the BW with the nanny) is PRICELESS!!! So cute!


I like the B&W one with the nanny "the BEST." Props to my Thai people! =)


Wow - that top picture totally captures that strength. Love it! And as a single parent, I am totally impressed: I only have one kid - if twins had come along afterwards, goodness knows how I'd have coped.


what treasures for the mom & the nanny.
joy spills from their faces.
as always beautiful...miss audrey.


Rachel Brooke

That picture of the three kids hugging is priceless!


that top one is one of my new faves from you.


how wonderful! I love it when people love their nanny like family!!


I agree with Tara, the top one is just wonderful. Mom standing as the rock of the family :) This must have been a great shoot Audrey :)



Awesome shoot! My wife and I are starting to shoot kids a lot more and you are a frequent stop for inspiration.

Melissa Koehler

What a beautiful family. I am LOVING the first shot!


#1 really says it all...just the way the lovely mom is standing...i can practically here her say "I am Woman, hear me ROAR"....just a fantastic, poignant, stunning image...another session from you that totally knocks me over...just wow xo

Mandy Henry

What a cool thing to do for their nanny!! Audrey, I have been a long time fan of yours and you have always inspired me!!! Thanks for sharing so much of your awesome self with the world!!! Color the world Blu xoxo

Stephanie Stigamn

Audrey, I really love your style of photography. It captures so much emotion. Thank you for inspiring so many of us. Color the world BLU xoxo

Stephanie Stigman

Audrey, I really love your style of photography. It captures so much emotion. Thank you for inspiring so many of us. Color the world BLU xoxo

Samantha Bender

Hi Audrey - you do such amazing work. The way you use light is just fantastic! Color the world BLU xoxo


Hello Audrey - what fantastic and amazing photos you have here! I was directed here via the Blu Scavenger Hunt and I am glad I was. The life these portraits have is just awesome!!! Color the world BLU xoxo


Audrey- I check out your blog often and I have to tell you that I aspire to be as good of a photographer as you are one day. You are awesome! Color the world BLU xoxo


Love, love, love the photo with the nanny.
It just says so much...

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