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November 20, 2007



Is it just me, or does that youngest child have two different colored eyes? How cool is that?!


Hahah I just love the last one, can imagine you had a blast with those 3 :) :)

And 35 shoots in a week???? Wow girl, you need some new Red Bull formula for sure LOL



She is a familiar face on your sites.
Great kids!
Was there really high wind? I need some tips PLEASE! I try and wait between "wind gusts" but still get hair in the face and flying high..what's your secret? he ehee
REally, always....SUPER!!!
Thanks for sharing so much!


these are amazing as always!!!

Kay Snyder

Beautiful work! I love looking at your blog and checking out your latest stuff, so inspiring and the cutest kids ever. My oldest is interested in modeling also, any tips. I'm a beginner in the photog world so I'm practicing a lot with her. Thanks if you have the time, if not, thanks for the inspiration!


I love seeing
your clients personalities
through your eyes.

i already thought the older
sister was gorgeous & so handsome
but that little sis is sneaking
up on the breathtakingness !!


these are soooo fun!!!!!!! love them. gorgeous kids. you are totally awesome. :)


Love those outfits, so hip and fun! Great pics Audrey!


Really cool vintage skirt and dress! Fun fall pics, great work!

Michelle Huenink

Fabulous! You have such great style woman! I can tell you had fun with these 3 darling kiddos. Keep the posts coming...


what beautiful children! (I love the skirt the younger girl is is wearing in the fifth image.)


So nice to have artistic freedom. These pictures look so fresh and fun. Beautiful kids :-) Happy Thanksgiving early.

Brandi Ginn

Of course the images are fabulous and always fun to see how interactive your subjects are with you!

LOVE the Matilda Jane dresses/aprons! I really need to get some for my old is the older girl? I thought their sizes stopped at 6


Fantastic series here.. wow


I love to see the kids you re-visit. I recognize the curly head cutie. She looks so much older now. These are such stunning pictures. Great keepsakes for this family.


Absolutely beautiful as always. Totally love your style and your color process is so amazing as well.


Audrey, I visit your page often seeking inspiration and quite frankly, I always leave in awe of your work. I just want to thank you so much for sharing your work with us. You've taught me alot. If I lived in Chicago, I would just love to hang with you one day to learn even more! You rock!!!

This session is amazing! What gorgeous kids!! I love the smallest girls different colored eyes, just beautiful! :)

Melissa M.

So great!!! Ask Mom where she got those cute flowered dresses the girls have on in that group shot. I love those!! :D



Audrey, I don't know if it's posted anywhere, but can you tell us which lense you are using? Especially on the girl with the curly hair and the blue outfit on. It's spectacular.

I'm in the market for a new lens and would like to hear what you are using here.

Love, love, love your work !

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