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October 11, 2007


Jayme Tighe

Beautiful brown-eyed girl..... and great pics by Audrey!

Sheryl Watkins

I love your non smile pictures , and your smile ones too :) This entry cracked me up.


I absolutely love the non-smile photos, I think they show multitudes of personality, and it let's the eyes be the focus. Your pictures are stunning as always.


That 2nd to last picture is CRAZY gorgeous! Oh my goodness!!! Literally left me speechless! WOW.


Just had to comment on this. I LOVE non-smiling photos. I think half of my posts are of them. I totally hear ya on 10 year olds though...I have one. I love getting those natural smiles out's sooooo fun. She gave you some awesome expressions...smiling and serious. Way to go!!! She's so cute too.


Oh, I love the non-smiles! I love the teeny smile right after the fact, too. What a beautiful girl, and gorgeous color, too!

Kelley Frese

I love all your work and each time you post I am amazed all over again but, I have to say the #2 and #6 are 2 of the best I've seen to date. You continue to inspire.


Awe!!! What a cute lesson on "not smiling" HAHA!! She is really cute! I love her hair. reminds me of my daughter. I love how her smile start to just sneak out little by little. keep that finger on the trigger Audrey! ( I know you will;) )


i find this post so intriguing! you learn so much about this little girl by seeing the progression of emotions... beautiful!

Amy Martin

Oh my gosh... she is just GORGEOUS! I love the images you were able to capture... and all in 10 seconds! ;)

tara pollard pakosta

i love the non smiling ones too!
she is a beautiful little girl!
she looks so much older when she isn't smiling too!!!
as always, GREAT photos.
i can't say enough how much i LOVE your work!


Wow, she is stunning and gorgeous hair... Beautiful photo's... as always...

Michelle Huenink

Girl this was one of my favorite blog posts to date. Made me smile! Gorgeous girl.


I have this problem too, I love the serious them. You are amazing girl!


That is THE BEST series! Awesome.


Amazing Audrey, thanks for sharing :) This is one beautiful 7 yr old, good grief I feel sorry for her dad when the boys start to come!


hehehehe. ok, I am laughing. I'm one of those that asked about smiles. love seeing all the images here.
are your processing different or new camera? the color looks very diffferent. I love it. The girl is gorgeous.


SHE is gorgeous! Love that hair.

I love all the serious pictures. You rock!!


Total blog stalker here....just had to say that this post REALLY made me laugh!


What a gorgeous little girl!



kim bolyard

stunning....that is all I can say. this child is beautiful and you captured every bit of it

kim bolyard

stunning...this is all I can say. This child is beautiful and you captured every bit of it.


audrey I love that you are sharing some of your techniques/ways of working with us, it gives us a little glimpse into what makes your work so awesome!! Thank you!


You can see what a beautiful personality she has...wonderful capture Audrey. Simply amazing!!!

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