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October 04, 2007


Sherry Boles

Wow, it's hard to imagine that she's never had professional pictures made...She looks like a model! Absolutely gorgeous images!!

Karen Schneider

Glad you're feeling better - I hope you have a speedy recovery!

The pictures are fantastic. Yes, she's a natural - lovely as always.

Gloria Meredith

Audrey, you are really a good instructor too ! Love the color and the clearness.

Prema Buck

That first picture...with the awesome background wall behind her...accompanied with you fabulous picture taking skills:-) has mad this one STRIMKING image!! Love it!

I hope that you are doing better. Okay so when I was reading your story....I could visualize this very well and I did let out a little in OMG, no sorry:-) BUT I had a similar experience with my boxer too and I was cracking up because I was so embarrased. My neighbors know that I am the "oldest kid" on the block and I say that I'm the biggest dork...LOL!

So what did Torin think about it...did he help take care of your boos boos?:-)


amazing. such great shots. :)

Kathleen Whalen

She looks are one incredible photographer....


omg audrey these are always. :) And no I cannot believe she has never had her picture professionally taken!!!

Miz Booshay

What a pretty girl!!!

You make everyone look like a Ford model :o)


wow gorgeous!

Kimberly Gibson

Enjoying your book. Carrying it with me from room to room as I take care of the kids. Looking forward to hearing about upcoming workshops. As always lovely photos.

ruth rackley

absolutely stunning, You have the most amazing eye. I'd love to come to one of your workshops. How do I get on the waiting list?

Miz Booshay

When you get a chance, could you share the name of the book that you are a part of?
I'm having a hard time finding the name of it....thus not able to buy it yet.


Audrey, you have a book out? If so, how do we go about purchasing? I can't wait to see more of the fall foliage shots, I know they'll be beautiful like the rest of the work.


Oh no! glad to hear you are feeling better from your spill! Awesomeshots, as usual!!!


But audrey, it's you who took the picture!!! I learned from you one thing, that image reflects the photographer and I can identify an Audrey Woulard image by 25 miles radius!


Hi Audrey!!
These are stunning as usual.
I hope that you are feeling better! I've been there, trust me, so you're not the only mom trying to be cool and landing flat. :)
I remember you saying at the workshop (i was at the April one) that you shoot jpeg and use auto wb. Is that still the case? My biggest struggle is wb and I'm about ready to gives me very cool and blue images while custom wb gives me red tones. I'm about ready to throw my camera against the you have any suggestions?
You rock!!


she's gorgeous!
love the colors in the second photo :)

Melissa Koehler

What a stunning young lady

Bentley Waters

Your photos are beautiful. I would love to hear about your workshops in 08. What do I need to do?

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