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September 27, 2007



Very cool. Can't wait to see more!

Amy Martin



CONGRATS GIRL!!!! I love the toddler...looks like he's T R O U B L E ;)


oooh...can't wait to hear!! been missing you posting!! :) super cute picture. :)


Hi Audrey, your pictures are beautiful! I have really been enjoying your blog. I am curious, if you don't mind sharing, do you use any purchased photoshop actions? I've been looking into some different ones, so I'm just curious.

stacey crescitelli

Don't be a tease woman! I wanna know what could be more exciting than your already exciting life. Why not send an email that I will never get & spill it! It would be like telling without really telling!

Jayme Tighe

Cutie pie!! Love the hat. Where did you ever find that ole' wagon??

Carrie Gabaldon

So Silly. Love this because it just makes you happy when you look at it. Can't wait to see more and hear about your big project!


What a cutie pie. I've been stalking your blog for a new post and you never disappoint.

Leah Maria

Thank goodness! I was going through serious AW blog-withdrawl! Great pictures, keep them coming!!


blog withdrawal here too. spill the beans!

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