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September 06, 2007




Prema Buck

Audrey...Audrey...AUDREY! Girl!! These pictures are so ROCKIN'! This girl is beautiful too and of course she will be getting a call from Ford..LOL! My goodness, I LOVE these, the color the STYLE and a few of them just made my jaws drop to the floor! STUNNING KNOW that I love THESE!!!


amazing! love all of them.


These are very impressive!
The ones with the black/white dress especially! Can't believe it's natural ligt only! What a result!!! Waaaa!


Amazing as usual. I love visiting this blog. I'm blown away by the talent you have. Inspiration galore!


WOW WOW WOW!!!! These are my new absolute favorite pictures. Audrey, you're inspiring. The color, the composition, these pictures ooze beauty and fun.

tara pollard pakosta

she's a KNOCKOUT!
looks way OLDER than a senior though! more like a 25 year old woman!!!!!!!!! she's gorgeous!
and you did an awesome job with her!

stacey crescitelli

WOW. There is nothing else to say but wow.


Hot-alicious! Hot girl, hot clothes, hot use of backlight. Now if I could just find out where she got that sweet orange cardigan with the funky print...

Carrie Gabaldon

Amazing! Love the light, especially the full sun/rain with the light behind her hair! You will have a line up of seniors after these get out!


hey Audrey...beautiful photos like always! what spunk she has. I was wondering...what lens did you use?


Wow, she is just simply gorgeous and these pics look like a model shoot, not senior pics. You did an amazing job!

Prema Buck

I tried not to do it...LOL:-) but I had to come back and look at these! Just GORGEOUS!


I recall you were looking for senior model -reps and had the kids send a picture to prequalify. Is she one of them?? I would love to see you shot a teen that was more plain jane and overwight. They are more challenging.

also do you have a way to respond to posts ( I know you are busy) to know about some of the questions you get asked?

Though some of these are sexy (was that her or you) she looks like a very sweet girl and needs to be with Ford.


I hope her future career is modeling! Her beauty and personality is shinning with you. Great job!


I hope her future career is modeling! Her beauty and personality is shinning with you. Great job!

Jane F

Gorgeous Audrey! LOve everything. She's stunning to. Wow!

Nicole Tow

These are absolutely stunning!! And I sure didn't look like that when I was a senior lol!

Crystal Matushek

Beautiful photos of a girl who is obviously beautiful with a lot of spunk. These photos make you take a second look. Good job to both of you.


WOW!!! this is really beautiful


missy cochran

I admire your work so much, these are wonderful!!

missy cochran

These rock, and I thought your kid pics were inspiring!!


She is definitely model material and would do well with Ford. Looks like she's got a lot of spunk, and you did a great job capturing her with a lot of different looks.

But I would be a nervous wreck if I was her parent, trying to keep the men away from her! Especially if she dresses in those low cut pants, unbuttoned shirts, and micro skirts on a regular basis. Yikes! Is this what I have to look forward to when my 6 and 8 year old daughters reach high school?


These are absolutely INSANE! I can't even describe how much they rock! She's gorgeous and you're awesome!


Ahhh not only do you get the cutest kids but now the cutest "hotest" seniors!! These are KILLER!!!

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