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September 06, 2007


Jamie Burbach

These are stunning!!


Wow, what a stunner, with hair to die for! Gorgeous & fun pictures...

Gloria Meredith

wonderful pictures. I'll bet you're going to photograph lots of her friend when they see these.


WOW WOW WOW!!! Amazing photos! Beautiful girl!

Rachel Schell

WOW!! these are so amazing!! what a great set.


I dont know when kids looked like this! but you can see why her parents might have some sleepless nights..LOL

Gorgeous fun shots!

Melissa Davis

oh my gosh, JUST my thought?! Girls didn't look like that when I was a senior even 8 years ago! (or maybe they did and I didn't notice it). WOW, stunning pictures! Gorgeous girl!

Leah Simmers

Just have to say you rock and are so darn inspiring, hope to meet you one day


Simply STUNNING Lady! Oh my heck. I don't know how you do it, but man girl, kuddos!


beautiful girl. I think the one with the white -black is suppose to be a long top and not a dress.

Jessica Grieves

Wow! She is beautiful. I can't believe she is only in high school! Her legs look about a mile long in that last picture!


She looks like she was a blast to work with!


these are so much fun!!!


Audrey when you say you were playing with light what exactly do you mean?


Audrey if you get this twice please forgive me i didn't get a confimation. When you say you are playing with the light exactly what do you mean, please?


Well I'm glad she wasn't in high school when I was there, she would have had EVERY boy's heart! She is incredible and I love all the personality sides you caught of her.

Miz Booshay

Oh yeah.
I looked exactly like that in 1975.

She's fabulous and Miss're the best!

Can you say..... Americas Next Top Model?


Whoa awesome fashion/senior shoot. I'm thinking class of 1991 was not the year of the supermodel cause I did NOT look like that at all.


Wow. Just wow.

Amy Hall

HOLY SH*T! She's a senior?! Can you get anymore beautiful than that? Audrey these are amazing!!!! WOW!

heather morrow

i've always loved your kid stuff, but LORDY, woman! your senior work is just UH-MAY-ZING! and how lucky to get to work with someone like this girl. a real beauty with loads of personality, too. GREAT IMAGES!


High school students sure didn't look like that when I was in school! She's gorgeous, what a great personality to go with the beauty too!!

Brandi Ginn

DANG! I just did my first senior shoot yesterday...would've loved to add these ideas to the mix! Although I'm thrilled with some of what we came up with too!


I was just wondering if you havw fine print in your agreement clause that says something like, "I only shoot beautiful clients." I've never seen a photo from you that didn't include a gorgeous someone. These are all just so wonderful, Audrey.


Wow - she is *gorgeous*! Beautiful photos.

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