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September 03, 2007


Michelle O

Thank goodness you will be doing more workshops!! :)

Dawn Sela

Yes...a super long Audrey post!
An enjoyable read as always:)

Will the message board be open to all past workshop attendees?
Would be wonderfuL!


Your workshop was such a great inspiration for me. It validated some of my "crazy ideas" and made me comfortable with being me. Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration and mentor.



can't wait for the boards!! :) I would love to catch you again at a future workshop!!

Justyna Nielsen

Thank you for posting my photos on your blog, I'm honored! You are a fantastic photographer and a fantastic person. Many lightbulbs went off for me during your workshop, especially during our 1:1. I will forever be greatful for everything I learned and experienced. I hope you don't give up workshops all together because you inspire so many people.


I'm so glad that you're doing more workshops, Audrey. Attending your workshop was the single most important event in my photography career to date. It had a huge impact on my work and the business behind it. Thank you again for all you did for us.
I'm SO excited for the workshop attendee forum. I am sure that we will all learn so much.
You rock, as always


Did you say maybe travel? San Francisco! I KNOW you want to come to California! That's my vote for a workshop! Just think the Golden Gate Bridge? Marin Headlands... Lombard Street... Fisherman's Wharf... just to name a few remarkable places to shoot! I'm dying to attend one of your workshops!!!


I would LOVE to be able to attend a workshop.
Could you please let me know how I can sign up.

Miz Booshay

This post is magic.

The last post which was whisked away had me resigned to the idea of never meeting or attending one of your workshops.

And now....there is hope...
a gleam...a flicker.

Thank you for whatever amazing turn of events made this happen for us.

Thank you!



The photo's of our "A" are ROCKIN! Her 18yo brother said, "WOW! She looks fantastic and that fence and aged brick is so incredible in the backgrounds!" Thank you and the other photographers for such an exciting and fun-filled workshop! You are such an awesome person with a God-given talent, thank you for sharing it with our daughter!

Mike & Michelle


Gorgeous shots as always A. Looks like your workshops are going great as always! Glad you are continuing them... much success and love.


Holly Brimhall

I've e-mailed you before - but I definitely want to attend one of your workshops! I'm excited, no - THRILLED - to find out you'll be doing more. Please add me to your list to send info to! Yeah, thanks!


Congrats on doing more workshops next year!! I'm so happy that I MAY get the chance to attend one day after all! Crossing my fingers that your out of state workshop is in San Fran!!! : )

Would it be possible to post that my spot for the Sept OR Oct workshop is available since I, unfortunately, can not attend? Those interested can contact me at Thanks so very much!!



I'm so excited to hear you will be doing more workshops!! Is there an email list I can get on??

Julie C Butler

Hey Audrey!! How are things .. I am almost donw my website!! I will have to send it to you once it's up and running!! I broke down and got a blu :o) Couldn't wait for your template though .. so I got the JULIET ..
I love it!! I just wanted to stop in to say how much of a good time I had in Chicago!! I looooooved your workshop!! It was AMAZING!! And I am so glad to hear you will have more .. Cause they are totally the best .. You have a lot to give ~ and it would be a shame to see you not give in that sense!! :o) You are one really cool, outgoing, nice woman!! and it was an honor to meet you.. Really!! You are a real inspiration to me .. and I was so happy to finally meet you .. and shoot in your alley!! LOL
Anyways!! Just wanted to say Thanks!! You met my expectations .. and more!!

Christine Eubanks

Thanks to Stacey for offering her space in the Sept or Oct workshop to me yesterday - although I am SO bummed that it probably can't work out on short notice - I am THRILLED that after catching up on your blog, Audrey, that I now know there is hope again for future 2008 workshops! Please, please put me on your list when you announce these. I'll be there! And if you have interest in traveling to Charlotte, NC - let me know, and I'll help you market it down here and fill all the spaces!



I am very interested in taking attending one of your workshops next year! Please send any information as it becomes available. I know it would be the hightlight of my career to date. :) Thank you for always inspiring.


Hi! I am new to this photography thing.. Love these photos!!! they are so amazing so clear and vivid... how do you achieve this?

Elizabeth Weech

I am very interested in the 2008 workshop schedule. Kindly add me to your waiting list and your notification list - though I will be checking in if I do not hear from you.


I'm an admirer (aka blog stalker) of yours and would also love more info about your workshops. I MUST attend! Thanks for sharing your talent and adventures in photography and motherhood!

Jeannie Deno

I would be interested in your class schedule for the 2008 year, please add me to your list.



I'm a huge admirer of your work and stalk your blog as much as time allows! I LOVE your work and THRILLED to hear about more workshops in 2008. Please add me to your list (email to follow).



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