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August 10, 2007


Miz Booshay

Look at the pretty shape of her eyes.
What a doll.

It's fun to hear she has personality too :o)


Sweeeeetest child I have seen you post in a while (and that IS saying something).. oh my goodness I would be in trouble if I was her mum. one sad pout..or a hint of sadness in those eyes and I would fold like a deck of cards! She is sweeet!

~leah g~

Oh my goodness. She is adorable.

As usual your work is stunning. I'm so sorry that I missed your chat yesterday. Sadly, that's one of the bad things about public transportation in the nation's capital. Nonetheless, I have read the transcripts. Thank you for sharing so much!

Carrie G.

I am amazed how you capture dark brown eyes! I hope to get some insight on this tomorrow at your workshop!

Prema Buck

OMG!!!! Audrey...girl! She is absolutely beautiful! She looks so mature in the face and her little face is so captivating! I love the colors....and just you capture HER!


aww...i just read the YIPEE!!!!! and this little girl is adorable. Man...such a cutie. :)

stacey crescitelli

Love these A!!! These are really great~wonderful work as always.
PS...are you getting my emails?


Wow, this girl is gorgeous... you photograph the cutest kids...


Seriously...jpeg??? I caught your chat on blu...thank you for sharing so much! These are, as always, fantastic. Ok, I'm officially not a blog stalker anymore. :)

Tanya Perez

She is absolutely beautiful! Awesome work!

Audrey Litfin

What you do with your camera is nothing short of amazing :)

Tiffany Myers

She is absolutely fabulous!!!


melt my heart too!


what a little sweetie!!!! gorgeous eyes :)dina

ed pingol

you are really good with what you do. keep it up. = )



Beautiful. So clear and crisp. Such great inspiration on your blog. I hope you'll consider offering workshops again. Sign me up.


ooh the colours mmmmm


LOVE THESE! What a beautiful child. I love the colors. :)


I think these are simply fantastic. Maybe it's just the cutest, most adorable little model...... but maybe the photographer has something to do with it too! Beautiful!


oh my stars!
so beautiful!

Justyna Nielsen

Audrey, my sincerest THANK YOU for the wonderful workshop you hosted for us. WOW you are amazing, both at photography and business, and I just love your style. It was super nice to meet you, thank you for all your advice.


she is absolutely beautiful and your captures are stunning as usual.



You are my hero...such amazing work. I have been following you for what seems like FOREVER. Love, love, love to come here, such a treat! Just saw your photos on Tara's blog...SO FUN! Beautiful family!


wow! I am in AWE! Your photography style and just the sharpness of each and EVERY photograph is astounding! I MUST ask! How do you get such sharp images with children that move constantly! What's your secret to that much sharpness! You are just amazing!

(found your blog from Props to Tara's to yours!)


What a beautiful little girl! Your shots always inspire me!!! Thank you.

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