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August 02, 2007


Cher Salo

Congrats Audrey!!
This is FABULOUS!!

Rock On!!


j's mom

How exciting, that you now realize what we already knew....that you are a gift. That you possess incredible talent, creativity and are so full of life and ideas. How wonderful that you feel so inspired and how lucky that you have inspired so many. Enjoy....
j's mom


Maybe we'll see you at the next PPANI meeting next Wednesday? Margie Kukuc and I belong and we make most of the meetings throughout the year. They are inspirational as well as educational. I LOVE our PPA! They do an AWESOME job of getting awesome speakers, and I am fortunate to be a part of this group! Everyone shares and gives. Welcome!!!

Richard Grainger

Hello Audrey,

Thank you very much for sharing with us in Memphis. Your work and your words are very inspiring. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future; maybe Imaging USA.

Take care,

Richard Grainger

Miz Booshay

Your enthusiasm and encouragement is refreshing.
Thank you for your words of advice, sharing your art, and words of encouragement!

To me, you are the very best at what you do, and I feel honored to listen in and learn from you...even just here at the blog.

Prema Buck

Congratulation on your successful speaking engagement! You are a strong women and I admire that so much about you!

Gloria Meredith

Thank you. Gotta join ppa soon.


congrats to you. wish i could have been there to hear ya. :)

Michelle Rasmussen

Audrey - I wish I could have been there, but I am so excited to meet you later this month at your workshop! Congrats on everything and I admire you for all that you do and can't wait to learn more from one of the best. I love your blog too...thanks so much for sharing so much with us and for inspiring me.

~Michelle Rasmussen


How awesome! I wish I could've attended one of your workshops. I just got into children's photography and am still learning so much. I feel photographers should network with one another but I have not found this easy. If I had been there among all that support, I probably would have fainted. Being self taught, I have approached many photographers looking for advice and support and have not had a very positive response. It is like most photographers don't want to help anyone else or reveal secrets or I am not sure what they are protecting. I hope that someday this changes for me because I could really use some advice! You are an inspiration to me and so many, Audrey. I hope you come to Portland someday!

Linda Wiley / Seattle

Audrey, I loved reading what you wrote. You write so honestly from the heart and you do nothing but inspire me. THANK YOU.


Great for you! And how wonderful for your dh support.

Have you ever posted photos of your studio??? Dying to see them.

Andrea Shirey

Of coarse they all loved you are amazing at what you do and you are a sweetheart!! It's so great to see someone who has come so far in this business still being inspired by other photographers!


I could not be more proud of you if I tried. Congratulations.


Awesome! Can't wait to learn from the BEST! See you in a week!!!


Congrats A!

Jen Wood

Audrey -
I've been an avid follower of your work for about a year and you truly are an inspiration! I was one of the lucky ones to be at your presentation in Memphis. I was unable to be at the entire conference, unfortunately, but made sure I was at your session. I drove to Memphis from Nashville on Sunday and then back to Nashville that night just for you! :) You didn't disappoint! I did get to come back later in the week - I made the trip again for the Tuesday evening/Wednesday sessions. Thanks for your willingness to share. You were fabulous :)

Karen Alcalde

Your Amazing....CONGRATS !!!!!


You are THE most inspiring and gifted photographer I have had the pleasure to 'know'...add a generous heart, and the right dash of everything that makes someone *extra* special and you get YOU.
I will always, always be in awe of you, and always thankful for your willingness to share your gift. I am so happy and proud of you...nothing can stop you now!!!
Look out world..I can't imagine what's next for you!!!!
Lisa =)


thats awesome audrey-im happy it went so well!!!


This is just amazing Audrey, congratulations on everything. Just some silly question, What is PPA, I don't believe we have something like that overhere in the Netherlands


lori nordstrom

yay! i'm glad it went so well. can't wait to talk to you!! :)
love ya!

lori nordstrom

yay!! i'm glad it went so well. i can't wait to talk to you! :)
love ya!!

Martha Bravo

Congrats Audrey! You rock and I am glad that you did so well.

Molly Jerman


You're lucky you got out of there alive! At one point they had you backed into a corner in the hallway, but I'm glad I got to hear you share. And thank you sooooo much for shooting JPG! Some people make you feel that RAW is a religion and if you aren't shooting it you're not saved. But you said be yourself. I like that about you. Take care,


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