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July 16, 2007



OMG! How gorgeous are those babies, especially the one with the wild hair... she is such a cutie pie... Great photos...


*sigh* :)
Beautiful photos Audrey, you did it again :)
Anyway can't wait what you come up with about the new blog. will have my eyes open to see the change :)


Leah Simmers

oh my goodness that last little girl is gorgeous!!

Who are you doing your new blog through, exciting

Cathy Hengst

Do you go on a quest for the most gorgeous babies or what ;-) LOVE these! Could not get any more perfect!

Tiffany Lauderdale Phillips

These are my favorite to date. Incredible.


These are just gorgeous.. all that hair on that little one.. wow.. and cant wait to see what you do to give your blog a facelift

Brandi Ginn

Oh MY! Look how DARLING that wild baby hair is!!!

My second daughter had that much hair too but it wasn't as was curly.

Sienna's mom

I was hoping that the ones with her cupcake hat would make the blog... those were my absolute fave... that and her BITING the black table :-) thanks again!


Love seeing your recent work and looking forward to see what you do with the new blog!

nicole green

those two babies are SO cute! you get the best clients! :D


Beautiful photos as usual. Wow.

Prema Buck

My goodness that little girl is all of that hair!! Both are cutie pies! I'm so excited for you and your new blog:-)

Natasha Whiteley

oh I love her hair!
and you've captured them both perfectly, as always!


I love the hair on both these girls! So honored my little A made the blog!!! You made her look fantastic : )

heather rogers

i have been staring at your website for hours, even dreamed about it last night... i was reading that you are starting your speaking part of your career... what about mentoring workshops??? i can't even imagine getting the color quality you achieve... nor the spontaneity, i am so sick of my posed photography... i would love to work with you for a day... any thoughts???
i am north of boston,ma

either way i will continue to watch your blog...
thanks, heather


nice work aw! (as usual) my work is similar though i'm jealous you have the availability of such a grand studio with such available light to work in! if i had that, i'd be just as good :)

do you always shoot overcast outside ???


I cannot WAIT to see the new site. Your work is incredibly beautiful, breaktaking and inspiring. I've always been a visual/creative type and have dreamed of making a career in photography. Sometimes I give myself headaches because I am overwhelmed with all of the photo ideas I have. My problem is I still hesitate to pick up a camera but finding your site and seeing your work has lit a spark in me. What books (or forums, groups, clubs, etc) do you recommend for people who are interested in photographing in natural light? Best regards and continued success. --Faye

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