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April 25, 2007


Rae Mati

Thank you for an informative workshop. I enjoyed every moment. Wish I could have stayed til 9 too but I am glad I didn't because I came home to a "crime scene". I did not think my journalistic style would have worked if I took pictures. Thank you again and hopefully i could pick your brain when it is time for me to open my website. I am going to try my best to get it done by your deadline (2-3 months!!!!!!!!!! you are killing me you are supposed to be my shrink!!!!)
Thanks to all for the friendliness and here's hoping we could continue to connect and share ideas... that is if Jael will be kind enough to share the emails ... thanks Jael!

Maegan  Michel

OMG!! Those two kids are absolutely GEORGEOUS!!! Love the red hair on the little girl and the eyes on the little guy are to die for. Inspiring as always.


Ooh Babies! Hope you have some of that age group when I come visit in June!! yeah!!!
Loved the one with the hat. She turned 2 into 12 in the blink of an eye!!! CANT wait!


I learned more at the workshop than I'm probably even aware of at this point, Audrey. You have inspired me and I admire you to no end.
....and, umm, okay....why was I the only one doing the Charlies Angels pose in that photo? Did I only imagine that the others were doing it with me?
You rock, Audrey!! (and all of my new friends from the workshop rock out, too)

Matt Antonino

Fantastic stuff as always - and that one with "taking the long lens too seriously" - you can NEVER take a long lens too seriously! :D

Great work and inspirational stuff as always. I actually tested out your shallow depth of field, natural light, etc. I'm playing with it. We'll see how it goes and thanks!!!

Julie C Butler

Audrey - the little models are gorgeous!!
I love love love that you blog about the workshops .. I can't wait until August ..
It just sounds like sooooo much fun ..
I love your group photo .. it's awsome!!

Lisa Walsh

I've been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to tell you how much I love your work!

Prema Buck

Congrats on another awesome workshop! I love that little red hair girl and if she's not a signed model...then I know for sure that she will be soon!!! Gorgeous stuff girl:-)

Laura Green

Thanks for a fabulous workshop! Had a great time and learned a ton. My head is swimming with ideas. I keep making little to do lists everywhere. The "Audrey Inspired" changes will start tomorow!


Oh, how I would just LOVE to know how you take group shots with a low low aperture setting. I'm good on singles (sometimes... best 3 out of 5, ya know), but give me a horizontal group shot and I'm lost. I really hope I can make it to one of your workshops, I guess first I just need to get on the waiting list. :-)

Becky Abernathy

Audrey- how fun does this workshop look! Love the little cuties, as always! Seeing those pictures makes me miss the loft! i wanna go back!
you're amazing :-)

Stephanie in GA

Hi Audrey... I love that 2nd shot - probably one of my favorite shots of yours ever! They are all great but that one blows me away! I sure am cravin' that Chicago pizza I had while I was at your workshop. I might need a trip there just for the pizza!


now that is one FABULOUS looking group!! I had a fantastic time and couldn't be more happy about all my new friends. are looking mighty fine with that lens girl! I had a blast Audrey...thanks again for continuing to inspire me. you are truly one of a kind!


Oh man! I wish I was there again. I am totally jealous of these ladies and guy! I am having a hard time believing that little girl is only 2! She looks so much older, esp. in the last shot of her. So cute! Want to come back!


Sounds like this was a wonderful time to be had.


Oh man, I'm so jealous, wow it all looks so wonderful and great. Why do I live so far away, I would LOVE to do a workshop. We don't have them like that overhere.
Oh I know, Maybe you could come over to the Netherlands for a short visit or so LOL
Great little super models Audrey, the girl has astonishing red hair. Wonderful



WOW, another Audrey workshop!
And it looks like they had as much fun as we all did last month! I really miss it and soooo wish we could do it again too!
This little red head girl looks absolutely adorable- and again, she is probably "just" a “regular” client, not even a model..? ;)
I hope you’ve got the discs I sent you with the images of "our" little models from the March workshop.
I think you’re truly blessed to always photograph some of the best looking kids ever!

Beautiful, stunning work as always, Audrey.


Andrea Shirey

I am so glad that you had another wonderful workshop! I wish I could have been there--I need another dose of Audrey!


Jennifer Adams

your work is always beautiful! The colors are so vivd and beautiful, love their eyes! Looked like you all had a lot of fun!

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