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April 19, 2007



Just awesome, Audrey...why are you confuse about them flying to you??! you're Audrey woulard.

Exquisite, as always!

Shari B

Isn't it amazing what kids can do for us - and always right when we need it! Ü You can tell its chilly in the last few - her hands look a little chilled! Great images, as always!

nicole green

those are so great!! i love the ones with her hair up. i wish i could pull off that look. it's so cute! :D

Melissa Davis


Abby Sims

Audrey!! This is Abby, "P's" mom!! I'm blown away by the photos. and I didn't think you were an idiot, I just knew that with a little encouragement, P would open up to you and let out the Molly Shannon Superstar that she loves to be! Thank you!!

kelley frese

A is for AMAZING Audrey :)as always. You have a way with them and it speaks volumes in you photographs.


I would fly out too.. and the reason you arent sure why,.. is the reason.


Glad to see you back. These are beautiful! So many great expressions. Love the fun hair and gloves.

stacey crescitelli

Audrey Girl you are KILLIN me with these last two posts. Please adopt me & impart your magical abilites into my humble & awe struck brain. W O W.

tara pollard pakosta

those are AMAZING audrey!!!!!!!
she is gorgeous! i would LOVE to see what the other photographer did of her! i truly adore your photos!!!!! thanks for sharing!! i can't wait to see if you work with maisy!!!!!! tara pakosta


Girlllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! You are so incredible!! I love your work.... Do you travel to teach workshops I live near HOuston,and only 3 hours from DAllas, and not to far from Austin I bet we could book you up if you wanted to travel and teach a workshop!!


Like always just awesome. Lovely girl with an open look in her face. Beautiful. Man I wish I lived near you, would love to do a workshop, your photos rock :)


Leigh Anne Ralls

Audrey inspire me each time I visit your blog....Your ability to connect with your subjects, your color and clarity, well everything...brilliant! I love these!

jacqui jones

beautiful photos
and i laugh at the out of in australia...and would love to visit the states and a session with u is high on the list of things to do

Audrey Litfin

OH my goodness, just LOVE your work! I wish I could "find the light" like this. Were these mainly in open shade?

Julie C Butler

OMG - she is just sooooooooooo gorgeous! A natural beauty ..
I love these .. you rocked these - WOW!


Gorgeous absolutely. This young lady rocks in front of the lens! Thx for sharing your amazing talent.

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