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September 10, 2006




I laughed out loud when I saw that you want to hire 2 personal assistants. I would say the minimum you need is 4....2 for work to be your 'briefcase boys/girls' and for the administrative who-ha, 1 to do all the running around for you personally and 1 to give you endless massages throughout the day! I think that might cover it all!

Get some rest!

By the way, when I explained to Gabriella why we postponed the photo session because of a lack of light, she said, "Does Audrey know we can turn on the lights?" When I explained to her that we needed NATURAL light and it was too dark outside today she said, "Does that mean I have to sleep all day?"

Ahhh, the pricelessness and beauty of a child's innocence!

Can't wait for you to take the photos on the 8th. Danielle is crawling with so much more 'gusto' now and I'm hoping in another few weeks she'll be able to hold onto stuff while standing and you can get incredible photos of her!!!! Every inch of her improved strength brings tears to my eyes....

Good night!!!!

Katina M.

Beautiful pics.. as always! Oh, to be young again - you'd have my application in a heartbeat! Good luck with the new venture. Can't wait to heat all about it!


beautiful shots. i would love to work for you...but i am in NC> hehe. good luck with the search.


Oh I so wish I lived in Chicago!! I'd love to apply *sigh*


Love the pics!


Man I WISH I lived near you...I would LOVE to be your personal assistant for SO many reasons (just a few: I love photography and your photography work absolutely ROCKS, I bet you'd be a lot of FUN, I'd never be bored, did I mention I love photography and looking to do something I LOVE?! LOL). Those pics are amazing! Love each and every one!!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

i know you mentioned a new photography
magazine coming out in september, can
you share any details about this?
thanks so much.


Wow such gorgeous photos. What an inspiration you are to so many!

stacey crescitelli

ACK!! I cannot stand waiting for surprises!!
Any hints? (wink wink. nudge nudge.)


your phone is going to ringing off the freaking hook.... ;) good luck! lovely pics as always.. love that last girl in her izod.


These are all beautiful I have a shoot to do today so you gave me lots of inspiration


Oh how I wish I lived in Chicago right now! I guess the commute from Nashville to Chicago everyday wouldn't work either lol :)

Beautiful photos, as always!


Wish I could be your assistant, would love to learn things from you :) But there is a big ocean between us LOL

Anyway I just love your upclose photos, always so bright and colourful.

Thank you for your email you sent me a couple of weeks ago. Have been on holiday so I couldn't respond sooner. It was a question about what lens you prefer. You helped me a lot thank you.



I can't even tell you how i wished i lived in chicago right now. there are two lucky people out there.

love the closeups. just beautiful. Thanks for sharing


Gorgeous as usual! I so want to be like you when I grow up!!!!

Anna J.

All of them are absolutely gorgeous, as always! You are just amazingly talented.


beautiful work! I wish I lived in the chicago area!


thank you for using Parker's picture in the close up section, you are the master of your profession, I cannot wait to see more.

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