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September 01, 2006


Laura Siebert

Yea, so glad to see a new entry. I am cracking up at these girls. What a fun family. And....laughing hysterically at the monkey comment.


Thank you so much for posting!! :o) These are too, too cute!!

Those girls are adorable but I just love those dogs! I can't believe they sat there with those wigs on. My dumb dogs would have had those wigs torn up all over the yard in about two seconds!!


how cute is that !!! to be a child again.... love the dogs wig, too.
i bet you had fun with these girls.

Shawnna / flipflopmom

those are the cutest pics i have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison Waken

I LOVE the dogs' wig. LOL Too cute, makes me want to be there with them!


So glad to see you posting again. I love the images!!! How precious is that.. So innocent and fun!!!

Sara Anthony

Hip, hip hooray!!!!!!!!! Audrey's back ;0).

Beautiful party goers, especially the curly blonde haired guest! What fun!


Oh my that is just adorable. How cute do they all look... including the dogs.

Melissa Davis

OH MY GOSH, those are too stinking perfect Audrey! I am loving these!


Too cute for words! Awesome shots as always.

Kris Leigh

Now that looks like one FUN and FUNKY tea party! Would have loved to crash it as well!

Gorgeous pics as usual Audrey! I just love seeing childhood from your perspective!

XX Kris


Oh my gosh.. those shots are awesome.. thats exactly how little girl tea parties should be.. all the time.. LOVELY

Kim Macdonald

I missed you!!! I was so excited to see a new post and wow, it was worth the wait....sooooo cute. I too, like everyone else noticed the doggies wig, I had a good giggle and had to show my boys. That shoot looks like it was a lot of fun! Great Job!


so stinkin cute!!!!!!!

Lidia Guerra

OMGosh... that is too funny! The dog with the wigs :-)
Sweet images!

Alison Bynum

WOW - so glad to see a new post and this one takes the cake. Or takes the tea. Or something. It's fab.

Daria Pool

SO happy to see a new post. I laughed out loud at the dogs with wigs!

marie cox

oh gosh...the wig-it is killing


Oh my goodness. That is really too cute. Absolute perfection!


Oh my goodness. That is really too cute. Absolute perfection!


LOLOLOL! Love these Audrey!

Yolanda Williams

Thank you for simply being you and for doing what you do - these are nothing short of perfection!


OMG that shot of the dog with the wig is bloody hillarious! Love the whole set. What fun. :)


Lovely pictures of the tea party ! The kind I would like to hang on my walls. I bet you had a lot of fun :-)

Jane Hasty

OMG Audry! How freakin' cute! Love the dog's wig!

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