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December 07, 2007



Love the story and as another photographer I would say this is so very true. You really captured thier love here.

I wish you could respond back...cause are you expanding to do more familes now? AND have not seen much BW from you. Double treat! AND I am amazed you shoot 1.6 with everyone. is that right?


I never see BW from you so this was a nice change up...I can defintely sense the connection of the family. Beautiful!


I love the BW for a change, really cool shoots Audrey. And the family is just so relaxing. I know the feeling of seeing a family and wanting to photograph them :)
Anyway, just lovely yet again



You're right....families like that are a DREAM!!! Although they are far and few between. Great shots!:)


These are stunning! Can I ask what lens you used? They are so crisp with such wonderful bokeh that they almost look 3D. Just gorgeous!


These are lovely.. wow.. I dont know that I recall seeing a ton of B&W work from you.. a lovely surprise


As always, you pictures capture the feelings felt within the heart! I am always left speechless when I see your work!


Wow....just awesome....I see what you mean....just have to smile when you look at these photos!

Linda / Seattle

Black and White ?? WOW.....Love seeing fresh new photos from you. This was a nice suprise !! Linda

Mrs. Fun

aww, love these. I really wish I could photograph my own family in this way. I really wish I could clone myself and jump in the action so the photos would be completely us, 100% all us.
Maybe if we ever make it to Chicago ;)


Your comments are perfect timing for me right now. I had two families recently that were both so so different and you just nailed what what I couldn't define about the second family. Perfect, and I love your paparazzi shots! :-)

Rachel Brooke

They truly are a beautiful family. These shots seem so genuine!

Emily DeWan

They really do look like the dream family! Beautiful!


I love the black and white! Totally cool shots!

Melissa Koehler

What a beautiful family! It is wonderful when you get that client that really is just themselves, it's so beautiful to capture


Gosh, Audrey, it's been a while since I last post here, they block blogging at our office, talking about K.J.

Just an inspiration!!! I can't believe you still don't believe that you are one of the best! enough to grace the magazine!!! my gosh, did you ever look at mirror, did you ever wonder why some would travel across the other part of the state just to learn from you? =)

Truly Audrey, you are an inspiration. With you I learn and have been motivated to shot wide.

Hope your Christmas and holiday will be was a wonderful year!

Melissa M.

What beautiful emotion, A....very, very nice!!


wow, audrey these are stunning- SO full of feeling and happiness and love. :) Awesome work.


Audrey, no, I am truly speechless...and completely flattered. On a particularly challenging day (my husband went back to Chicago after being home for the holidays and two very sick kids) your blog was a ray of sunshine. My eyes teared up when I viewed a time in our lives that we will never forget. Thank you for capturing it with such warmth. -c

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