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February 28, 2007



sweet little thing in the window seat...makes me want to hug her cute little cheeks. as always beautiful.
how do you manage each day with so many people wanting your attn. ( emails/phone messages/your own family) you simply must have the patience of a saint miss audrey.... :)

Janelle Vano

just usual :)


These parents should be so happy with the wonderful photos you took of their gorgeous blue eyed beauty!


These are so beautiful! Her eyes are amazing. I love how bright and colorful these are. Awesome work here.

Good luck with all your business, lol, sounds like you're pretty busy.

Julie C Butler

you do photograph the cutest babies .. these are amazing!!
Love the colors as usual!!

Kelley Frese

You do photography the cutest babies! They seem to come out of the woodwork for your amazing talent.

Beautiful work as always.


very cute! Do you live on Red Bull or some energy drink? I don't know how you handle it all. please tell. The diet cokes are not enough for me. I think I am as much amazed of your talent as your energy.

Ashley Norman

Look at those eyes! Beautiful baby! You sound like a busy woman Audrey. But at least you do something you love everyday! That is rare these days.


Just wanted to say how much I love your work. SO inspiring. Thank you for sharing so much of what you do, your photography is simply stunning.


I just browse your blog on occasion because you do beautiful work... This is my first comment and I must say that is the most gorgeous lil girl I've ever seen! I've been babysitting my entire life and I've seen LOTS of babies. She is just too cute. How do you find the best looking babies to photograph?!


.......... Speechless..........................

Jen Lee


over 100 emails a day???!! wow! you ARE popular!! :)

Lisa French

These are amazing Audrey! She looks SO much older than 6 months to me. Esp love that eye contact...:)


Just so you know, on my mac I can't access your site. I tried through Windows and it loads but with the Mac it just pauses at the "loading" section after the Flash intro.


I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your beautiful art. I'm just starting out in this photography world, and I look to your work as incredible inspiration. You are amazing... your clients are so lucky!


this baby is tooooo cute, please tell me what kind of camera u shot this with... i want to by a new pro digi cam and i dont know whats the best out there, can u give me any advice.

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